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What is A Farmhouse Kitchen?

Today, a lot of people are choosing to decorate their kitchens in the Farmhouse Style. This style has been around for years, but shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper have made it popular. Homeowners like the fact that it is cozy, warm and full of charm. Despite other modern styles, the farmhouse kitchen is not one that evokes a formal feel. In fact, it is quite family friendly and very welcoming.

Farmhouse Kitchen Elements

If you’d like a farmhouse style kitchen remember to include combinations of the following elements: texture, neutral color palette, natural or reclaimed wood, clean lines, vintage accessories and neutral colors.

Corbels, pillars, exposed beams and shiplap are some architectural elements that make up the farmhouse design. You may have an older home with original shiplap. You can remodel this with pine tongue and groove planking. If you have a newer home, a great idea is to cut wood into strips.

Antiques For Style

Hand me down pieces are some items you will find in an authentic farmhouse kitchen. If you’d like to create these design elements, try filling your space with some antique furniture. Because of the popularity of the style, many décor shops and online stores feature this type of furniture. The key is to include one or two items, and not over do it.

Cabinets are Crucial

When thinking of an authentic farmhouse kitchen, the most important element is the cabinet style. Whether you have a modern or classic home, cabinets should be classic. Because they are simply designed and fit the overall aesthetic of the farmhouse style, shaker cabinets are widely used. In fact, the most popular farmhouse kitchen cabinets are white shaker style.

Even though it’s not an element featured only with farmhouse style kitchens, open shelving is very popular for the cabinetry. You could put your everyday use items in the open shelves, so they are easily accessible. Although not exclusive to the design, farmhouse kitchens often have open shelving as part of the cabinetry.

Go With Neutrals

In the farmhouse kitchen, neutrals are king. You can choose shades of beige, taupe, gray or white. Some other colors are used quite often as well, but they are muted tones, such as sage, blue or soft yellow. To incorporate accessories as well, make certain you use colors that complement the overall palette of your newly renovated kitchen. A great idea for a true farmhouse kitchen is to add accessories that remind you of older times, such as copper or iron.


Stones to use for countertops in the farmhouse style are soapstone and granite, traditionally. However, quartz has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

If you’d like a more rustic feel, go for a butcher block wood countertop. Another option are unfinished edges for the countertop. A good idea for your farmhouse look is to make the graininess of the wood visible. Dark or walnut countertops are good choices. They provide a contrast against any light décor in your kitchen.

What About the Backsplash?

When you think of a classic backsplash, you may think it has to be boring, but this is not the case. For example, subway tile is a great classic style that goes well with shaker cabinets. If you want to be a bit more daring, try a traditional red or whitewash exposed brick. This will grant your kitchen a dramatic feel.

If brick or tile isn’t your thing, wood is another great option for the backsplash. You can hang wood boards horizontally or vertically, in a natural wood color to maintain a rustic feel, or you can elect to paint them washed white. Either way, you’ve got a great backsplash for your warm farmhouse kitchen.

Popular and Rustic Hardware

As far as hardware goes, bronze and copper are most popular. This is because they both compliment a farmhouse kitchen palette. To have a true farmhouse style, classic white cabinets with a cup pull are most authentic. If you’d like a more modern touch, brass with clean lines is a good hardware choice. If your sticking to a rustic feel, leather strap pulls, which you can purchase in a variety of colors, are your best choice.

Use Textures

Because a farmhouse style could potentially look flat considering all the neutrals, texturing is a big par of the farmhouse style. The most common textures used are grain sack, woven baskets, linen or knits. If you’d like to add even more texture, go with mixed wood finishes.

A lot of people also use shiplap to create texture to the kitchen. If you have an old home, real shiplap hides behind the drywall. If you have a newer home, don’t worry. Shiplap can be mimicked with horizontal or vertical planking. Another way to add texture is by using bricks or wallpaper to create interest and warmth.

The Importance of Lighting

Lighting is also critical in the farmhouse design. Light fixtures are one of the easiest ways to add farmhouse décor. If your looking to keep with a rustic look, brass fixtures or those with an exposed bulb are a nice touch.

Pendant lights add a contemporary or industrial look. You can use a matte black finish to really make a statement.

So, if you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, and you’ve decided farmhouse style is the look you want, you are not alone. However, even though this is a very popular design choice these days, you can make your kitchen stand out from the crowd with unique cabinetry, hardware, textures and light fixtures. With that being said, you will have fun creating your farmhouse kitchen utopia.

If you live in the Greenville, SC area contact Greenville Refinishing for your kitchen cabinet needs. They will be able to help you install the perfect cabinetry for your farmhouse look.

Craig Byrne, February 5, 2022


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