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What Are Shaker Style Cabinets?

What Are Shaker Style Cabinets?

Shaker style cabinets originally were designed by a religious community called the Shakers. They were from England and settled in New York, where they organized their religion in the mid eighteenth century. A very frugal community, they were known for their hard work and craftmanship, much like the Amish in Pennsylvania. For Shakers, simplicity, honesty and utility were their guiding principles. They used these principles in their work and became famous for their hand-made wooden furniture, which mostly consisted of dressers, beds, tables, ladder back chairs and cabinetry. Their cabinetry became so famous that the name of a certain type of wood cabinet is now known as Shaker style-and this style never seems to go out of fashion. Shaker cabinets are classic and timeless.

Shaker cabinet doors include a panel profile and a frame. The panel profile is also known as rail and stile construction to woodworkers all over the world. Today, many people who want to transform their kitchens are returning to this simple style. Shaker cabinets are characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. The drawer fronts of shaker cabinets can also differ. Slab drawer fronts are often selected for modern designs, and five- piece drawer fronts are more popular in transitional designs. We will discuss these two designs in a moment.

Contemporary Shaker Cabinets

Because of the clean lines and simple look, shaker style cabinets can be used in the modern kitchen very easily. Homeowners may choose to leave the doors plain or they may add hardware. A kitchen cabinet painter will be able to help you install the doors properly to suit your contemporary kitchen. These cabinets look great painted white, black, gray, navy, green and more! Also popular these days are dark wood grains, such as Shaker style cabinet doors made from walnut or ash.

Shaker Cabinets For Transitional Design

Because shaker cabinets help to create a transition from classic to contemporary kitchens, many designers have started suggested these cabinets to people who want to maintain a sense of traditional style with modern style. One suggestion interior designers often give their clients is to incorporate shaker style cabinets with a slightly beveled edge. This simple addition helps your kitchen stay traditional while not slipping into contemporary design.

Traditional Shaker Style Cabinetry

The clean design of shaker style cabinetry makes it appealing to traditional homeowners who want to stay with a classic kitchen look. After all, even though shaker cabinets are once again extremely popular, they have been around since the 18th century! How much more traditional can you get? Once again, a beveled edge helps the cabinets appear traditional. Homeowners can choose to use a light wood finish, or a paint color from a country or farmhouse style palette. Eclectic or antique drawers and door hardware also reflects a classic look.

Are Shaker Cabinets Expensive?

No! Shaker cabinets are not expensive. Remember, the Shaker people were very frugal, which means you can purchase the classic style for less than you imagine. But if purchasing solid wood cabinetry is not within reach, you don’t have to compromise your intent to update your kitchen. Refacing cabinets with laminate doors is always an option. There are tons of laminate doors available to choose from in the shaker style. You can save thousands of dollars, achieve the look you desire, and maintenance costs are also considerably less. Speak to a local cabinet refinisher about refacing if you research the wood cabinets and find that even though they are reasonably priced, they just aren’t in your budget. Click here for shaker cabinets for sale.

Craig Byrne January 15, 2022


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