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Who Should You Hire For Kitchen Cabinet Staining? A Kitchen Cabinet Refinisher

Craig Byrne January 4, 2021

If you want a great new look for your kitchen cabinets but don’t really want them painted, a kitchen cabinet refinisher can help you with your vision. If you'd rather stain than paint, they have the expertise and experience to make your kitchen renovation an easy transition.


First things first. After you hire a pro, he or she will lay down a tarp to protect your kitchen floor. Then, they will remove the cabinet doors, handles, hardware and drawer faces. These items will be labeled on the cabinet boxes so the exact location of the items can be found after the staining process is complete.


The next thing your pro will want to do is sand. A kitchen cabinet refinisher will be able to sand down the current finish so you can get a clean, flawless look. If you try to sand the surface yourself, you may end up with bubbles. Pros use an electric hand sander with stronger grit the first time. They then wipe the dust off and use a much finer sandpaper which will get the wood ready for the stained finish you want


When applying stain, your kitchen cabinet refinisher will rub the stain into the wood along the grain with a rag. By rubbing the stain into the wood, the pores open up to make way for a deeper saturation. Don’t worry if you see the stain is lighter than you want. It will darken once it dries. Additionally, if you apply more coats of stain to the surface, it will get darker.

Many pros use blends that combine a polyurethane finish that protects the wood, or they simply use a separate polyurethane finish and add it to the stained finish. Your kitchen cabinet refinisher will know which work best together to give you the look you’re dreaming of.

A New Look

So if you’re looking for a new kitchen cabinet look, and you want to stray from painting, try hiring a professional kitchen cabinet refinisher stain your kitchen cabinets for you. After all, staining is a timeless look. It can add a rich look to any kitchen in need of a little renovation.


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