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What is A French Country Kitchen?

French country kitchen design offers homeowners a style that is classic and refined. The style is inspired by the southeastern region of France that shares a border with Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. In this region, you will find huge mountains, colorful flowers in the fields and a truly diverse culture.

All these elements inspire the French country kitchen’s décor. A soft color palette and complementary appliances are the backbone of this style.

Because the French country kitchen style is so diverse, you can let your imagination wander before you hire the contractors you want to help bring your vision to life. The simple, elegant beauty of the French countryside is the inspiration for this style, which means you can let your color palette and creative ideas wander as you decide what your choices for the décor of your new kitchen will be. French country kitchens are the perfect fusion of modern and classic elements to make your room really stand apart from the crowd.

What Is French Country Kitchen Design?

When reflecting on the French countryside, many people think of lush green hills, lavender fields, and bright sunshine. Even if you have never traveled to France, you can incorporate the colors you see from looking at internet photos of the southeastern provence of the country for your inspiration. To truly achieve the French look, think rustic, warm, and inviting. The following are some classic elements of the French country kitchen.

· Simplicity: A French country kitchen is refined. It is both polished and elegant.

· Natural beauty: Think about the lavender fields of the southeastern provence of France. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from a long day of work and enjoy the beauty and sanctuary of Europe’s capital of elegance? It doesn’t matter if you live in the hustle and bustle of New York City or the sunny Carolinas. You are sure to love the natural materials like recycled metal and wood that the French country lifestyle exhibits.

· Relaxed: Think of a distressed, subdued and relaxed feeling when you enter a French country kitchen. If you’d like a cottage kitchen, use a warm color palette and cabinets with curved lines. Your cabinets should be wood with an intricate design.

· Vintage and Modern Fusion: A combination of modern and vintage décor is the hallmark of French country design. It is nostalgic, but it is also functional.

If you’d like a French country kitchen, remember to use French country colors, contrasting wood cabinets and modern appliances. This will create a friendly, serene space with a touch of elegance. It is a good idea to hire a professional interior designer to help make your vision come to life. Below, you will find great ideas to help you make your country kitchen vision a reality.

What Colors Should You Use for French Country?

The colors you choose for your kitchen are key. These colors will invoke warm and welcoming feelings for you and your guests. Check out these ideas.

· Neutral: If your kitchen is small, use a neutral color on your walls. Good colors to use for a French look are white and cream. These colors are historic and regal in the southeastern provence, and they will make your kitchen appear larger.

· Soft, pale : Soft, earthy colors are also typical of French country design. Lavender, olive, and sky blue, which reflect the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and its surrounding countryside. Hire a kitchen cabinet refinisher to paint your cabinets blue, and use complementary shades for your furniture and shades. But keep this in mind: subtle color splashes are definitive of French country design, so don’t overdue the colors. A splash of color is all you need in the room.

· Contrasting with dark: Contrast light and dark tones throughout your kitchen to exhibit a rich look. They still should be earthy tones that are light. Use brighter tones on your walls and use a darker color for your kitchen cabinets or furniture. One example is using darker earth tone cabinets with cream walls. This look will make your kitchen pop.

· Warm and subtle: A French country kitchen should be welcoming. For this reason, use warm and subtle colors for your palette. After all, warm colors are reminiscent of burning embers in a fireplace. You can make your kitchen cozy with these subtle colors. Use burnt orange, rust, red, and pale yellows to create this comforting feel.

French Kitchen Cabinetry

For your kitchen cabinets, remember that French country demands simplicity. The following are great examples of French kitchen cabinetry design and style. Be sure to hire a kitchen cabinet refinisher to do the job as opposed to trying these ideas yourself. Cabinetry is not for the faint of heart. It requires skill and expertise, so use a pro!

· Materials: For traditional French country design, use natural wood for your cabinetry. You can use reclaimed or hand-crafted wood. However, wood is not the only way to create the Southeastern provincial look. Throughout the years, modern yet simple has also defined the style. So, if you’d like a contemporary look, use stainless steel cabinets.

· Color: If you want the real French country look, make sure your cabinets match your kitchen counter. For instance, if you want your cabinets painted cream, your kitchen counter should also be cream. By placing textured wood on your doors, you can add contrast to your look.

· Design: The design of French country cabinets should resemble furniture. Think armoire or bureau. Natural designs can be carved into the wood to create curved, definitive lines. A nice fit for your cabinetry is carved flowers or vines. Beadboard lining is also a great idea for your new cabinets.

· Accents: If you want to complement your kitchen cabinets, choose hardware or molding with contrast. You can use lifts and handles made from brass. This look will be rustic and historic. Different sizes and shapes for your handles and knobs will provide a nice touch for your overall design. To acquire a furniture-like look that enhances

the traditions of French décor, use crown molding on the top of the cabinets.

Now that you know what constitutes a French Country kitchen, it’s time to do some research. Check out some photos of the southeastern French countryside online, speak to a professional interior designer and be sure to hire a cabinet refinisher to provide the central elements that make up the French country style.

Craig Byrne


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