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Update Your Kitchen and Save Money

You’ve been drinking your morning coffee in your kitchen, and as you look around you know it’s time for a change to your existing cabinetry. Maybe they’ve seen better days, and with time they’ve begun to look quite dingy. Sound familiar? If so, read on.

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to spend all that money for a total cabinet replacement, or is there a cost-effective alternative?” Luckily, kitchen cabinet painters can refinish your cabinetry for a fraction of the cost of replacing them or refacing them. When the job is done right by an experienced pro, your kitchen can undergo a transformation that appears as if you’ve bought brand new cabinetry. You’ll love your new look so much you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

The new look you crave depends on your kitchen’s layout and features. As long as your frames are in good shape, a cabinet refinisher can refinish them and save you tons of money in the process. A lot of people want to know how much the refinishing process is going to cost for their kitchen’s specific needs. Because the cost depends on a few factors, it’s best to call a pro who can come to your home and give you an exact quote for the job. That’s exactly what the pros at Greenville Refinishing in upstate South Carolina do, and for this reason they’re heads above the rest in the area. It’s best to find a local pro who can do the same for you. That way, you know the exact price you’re going to pay once the project is finished, without being charged excess fees, which is what happens often when cabinet refinishers simply give you an estimate.

Remember, an estimate is just that-an estimated total cost. But an exact quote gives you a bottom-line price before you jump into the process, which in the end, will transform your kitchen from dull to dynamic.

Number of Cabinets

The biggest factor in determining the cost of refinishing your cabinets is the number of cabinets you have in your kitchen. The more cabinets you have, the higher the price. Furthermore, how big your cabinets are will also increase your cost. However, a lot of refinishers will offer a discount for bulk prices can help with the bottom line.

For instance, if you request a single cabinet to be refinished, you might want to ask your pro if there is a discounted price for refinishing six cabinets. Very often, homeowners love the final result so much, they then ask their contractor to refinish all of their cabinets. For this reason, it’s best to get an exact quote for refinishing the entire lot. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs compared to a total cabinet replacement.

Finish Selection

A huge consideration is how drastic a change you want for the finished product. For example, if your cabinets are dark, and you’d like to switch to a lighter color, the cost will be more than say, painting them the same color.


There’s more to consider in the process than color. Some cabinets have simple designs, such as Shaker cabinets, and some are more intricate French provincial style. You may have basic doors. This cost will be different than the cost of complex door designs, such as intricate carvings, ornate details, glass panels, or trims. There’s no doubt these designs give your kitchen a more upscale look, but the process of refinishing them requires more skill, time, and attention to detail. For these reasons, this job will cost more than refinishing a simple design.


What Is The Refinishing Process?

In simple terms, the refinishing process involves removing existing stain or pain; surface sanding, repairing minor dents and dings, chips, etc.; then a primer is applied followed by coats of paint added to the surface. When you replace your cabinetry, a contractor will remove the cupboards and tear down the structure of your cabinets, which in turn will cost a lot more than the refinishing process.

Is Kitchen Cabinet Painting Less Expensive than Refacing?

Yes! In some instances, refacing cabinets can cost twice as much as refinishing them. When you reface cabinets, your pro must replace the doors and hardware, rather than the simple process of refinishing, which will cost way less and still give you the upgrade you desire.

What Costs More: Cabinet Refinishing Or Cabinet Replacement?

Tearing down and replacing your cabinetry in some cases can be four times greater than the cost of refinishing them. This means refinishing is the solution for budget conscious consumers, and who isn’t these days?

What’s the Bottom Line?

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, function properly, and simply need to be freshened up, it’s best to get a quote from a professional kitchen cabinet painter.

Remember, you don’t have to get a quote from a big box store. Instead of this route, call a local pro who will be able to come to your home, quote the price and do the work professionally and with more care than one of the large stores. By getting a quote, your pro will also be able to tell you if you’re a candidate for refinishing. We certainly hope you are, as this is a great way to upgrade without the high price of a total cabinet replacement.

Remember, if you’re in the Upstate South Carolina region, give the guys at Greenville Refinishing a call for an exact quote. They’ve been in the business for over 50 years, and they are fully licensed and insured, standing behind their work always. You can check out their photo gallery here. Happy renovating!

Greenville Refinishing : 864-252-5106

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