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Top 8 Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2023. Number 2 May Surprise You

Because kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen, they are often

the first thing homeowners invest in when considering a kitchen update. With

that being said, most homeowners like to choose a kitchen cabinet color that’s

trendy, to make their room modern. If you’re in this category, read on.

You can choose anything from natural wood tones to blues, greens and

believe it or not, black tones. According to top designers, there are eight big

kitchen cabinet colors that are hot for 2023.

1. Dark Blue-Green

In 2023, deep blue-green is a very popular choice for homeowners when

choosing a color for their kitchen cabinets. In fact, it’s so hot Glidden and PPG

paints have named it their color of the year. As a result, homes all over the

nation are seeing a rise in this rich color choice. It’s a great twist on the blues

and greens that have been popular for the past few years.

This color choice is great for designing a kitchen that wants to keep warmth in

the room, yet hide smudges and dirt. It also adds elegance to your design.

2. Sophisticated Black

This year, black is a color choice that has become very popular. It’s sleek and

modern and goes well with white countertops and stainless steel appliances. It

started to become popular last year as it creeped up the list of popular color

choices for kitchen cabinets, and this year is popularity has made a leap,

allowing us to include it on our list of hot colors for 2023.

Black cabinets are stylish and sophisticated. But you’ll want to be sure to pair

it with brighter colors in the room to prevent the space from getting too dark.

So, think black and white or matte black with glass or glossy backsplash.

3. Whites

A mainstay of style and still trendy are the all-purposeful white kitchen

cabinets. You can use any shade and tone of white you want to from cream to

bright to stay on trend. And it doesn’t appear that white is going to drop off the

trendy list for some time. Interior designer Joe Human from Design by Human

says “I think white will always be the number one go to as it is super easy to

pair anything with.” It’s just that versatile.

White cabinets are clean, bright and airy. They lend light to any space and do

well with glossy or more glossy paint so they’re easier to wash. You’ll want to

wash them often to keep their bright appearance, which is the only downside

to such a neutral and popular choice that looks great in any kitchen.


Last year, designers and kitchen cabinet painters chose green as their

number one color choice for kitchen cabinets. This year, it slid down our

trends list, but it’s still quite popular for homeowners all over the country. It’s

both earthy and sophisticated. Rich greens are the biggest trend, so think

sage, pine green, olive and hunter. Choosing green for your cabinetry will add

an earthy, peaceful ambiance to your kitchen. As with white, it’s a neutral

color that pairs well with anything. You can choose a rich green for your

cabinets and pair it with white marble or quartz countertop, or you can use an

earthy green toned countertop with lighter green cabinets. There are a dozen

more ways to make your kitchen truly stand out with green cabinets, so have

fun mixing and matching before you make your final choice.

5. Earth Tones

Earth tones are all tones found in nature. These colors include everything

from shades of green and colors that may remind you of tree bark, toadstools,

or creeks. They add elegance and airiness to your kitchen and blend well with

all other colors. So, think beige, browns, and greens. They allow you to bring

color into your space without doing anything drastic in your kitchen cabinet


6. Classic Gray

Gray is a color that dominated the past decade. And it hasn’t gone anywhere,

still ranking high on our list of popular kitchen cabinet colors. Homeowners

really love gray because it has such a crisp and contemporary look. You can

find all kinds of gray shades. Some are light and clean and others are dark

and can be nearly black at times. So, you have a lot of options.

Gray kitchen cabinets pair well with anything. They are extremely neutral,

much like white and earth tones. So, combine this rich color with all varying

styles of hardware, varying tones of colors. Experts agree that you should use

brighter colors in the backdrop of your focal point, such as your backsplash,

and this will allow for more expressive freedom in the space.

7. Blues

Like green, white and gray, blue is a mainstay in kitchen cabinets. Last year,

ocean tones and baby blues were all the rage. But for this year, designers and

homeowners alike are opting for darker shades. Think navy blue or gun metal


Like other shades, blue is extremely versatile. You can pair it with any shade

and color. Green or gold countertops with navy cabinets is a popular choice. It

also looks great with wood flooring. Additionally, it hides dirt and smudges as

well as green or black.

8. Natural Wood

Natural wood cabinets are a definite trend that has lasting power. Last year, it

was at the top of some designers list as the hottest up and coming trend in

kitchen design. The great thing about wood tones is that there are so many

options to choose from. There are a lot of different hues and stains. A lot of

people like to let the wood show, like clear maple or cherry. Some like to

darken the wood to bring out the natural grains. In any case, wood is here to

stay. It’s versatile and timeless.

So, there you have it. Remember, you have a lot of options when it comes to

painting your kitchen cabinets. But one thing’s for sure. Whatever color you go

with, kitchen cabinet refinishing transforms your space and provides a whole

new look for your room. So, if you’re in Upstate South Carolina and would like

a direct quote for cabinet painting, be sure to call the guys at Greenville

Refinishing for all your cabinet needs.


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