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Solution For a Small Kitchen-Dutch Style

When it comes to kitchen design and innovation, The Netherlands is a

world leader. This country has a large amount of internationally

recognized kitchen design houses. They are cutting edge in style and

innovation. For this reason, they are making a big splash in Europe,

even outdoing their Italian and German counterparts. People from all

over the world are taking a look at the designs coming out of The


Dutch kitchens-Heart of the Home

A lot of Dutch words can’t be translated into English, but a word that

comes to mind when defining the Dutch kitchen is “Gezellig”. This

Dutch word is used throughout Europe to describe the atmosphere in

a typical Dutch kitchen. It means “fun with a cozy atmosphere”, and

this describes kitchens in The Netherlands perfectly. The style

certainly lives up to the word, because it is the heart of a home.

In fact, Dutch kitchens often are placed in the center of the home,

literally. This helps to bring people from all over the house, whether

guests or family, into the kitchen.

As far as population goes, The Netherlands is the most densely

populated country in the European Union. In fact, it’s one of the most

densely populated in the world. This means space is hard to come by

there, so Dutch kitchen style makes the most out of small spaces. If

you have a small kitchen, this may be the style for you. For the most

part, it has a galley layout.

Traditionally, the kitchen is set up with a couple walls of parallel

cabinets and working spaces. This allows for the most storage

possible and it helps to have workspace in small areas for cooking.

Most often, the galley layout leads to a dining room, which helps

family and friends not feel so cramped in the small kitchen space.

Dutch Kitchens and History

Because Dutch kitchens use space so well, many people assume that

the Dutch kitchen is very streamlined and ordinary, but historic detail

is considered in the design. This brings character into the space and

helps customize it.

Many homes with historic design in The Netherlands have refurbished

wood floors to add warmth to the kitchen. An old-timey door can add

ventilation to a very tight area, and blue and white pottery is very popular.

Dutch Kitchen Standards:

The Dutch utilize thick marble edged countertops in their kitchens.

They use range hoods often because the trend toward kitchens

without top cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. The hoods

reduce storage space, but they also create an illusion of more space

in what is usually a tiny kitchen. Try using black metal for a typical

Dutch range hood that adds elegance.

Recessed handles on cabinet doors add a functional yet beautiful

touch. But most importantly, a Dutch kitchen has a stunning, eye

catching floor. Chevron wood often is used to counterbalance the

streamlined look of the space. Most Dutch floors are natural wood, but

you can use tile if you want. These two options maintain the simple

look of the Dutch Kitchen.

So, if you have a small kitchen that you’re looking to spruce up for a

functional yet beautiful look, try the Dutch Kitchen look. Click here for

Dutch Kitchen accessories and options. If you’re in Upstate South

Carolina, be sure to give the guys at Greenville Refinishing a call to

help you with your cabinet, countertops, islands, backsplashes and



This article has been rewritten from an orginal work found here.


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