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Wood Kitchen cabinets look fantastic when they are installed in any kitchen. However, one downside to wood cabinets is that they really get dirty quickly. Drips and spills can accumulate on your finish and leave your kitchen feeling dull and unkempt, especially if you cook greasy meals. Oil can splash on your cabinets and build up a residue that is tough to get rid of. Because your cabinets will dull over time through cooking, we recommend you clean your cabinets regularly. This will bring back the old familiar shine you love about your wood kitchen cabinets.

To prevent the varnish coming off on your cabinets, it is recommended you use a natural cleaning product. After you clean them with the right product, you will want to polish your cabinets. This will really make them stand out and shine.

The following cleaning remedies are suggested by professional kitchen cabinet refinishers.

1. Vinegar Solution

  • Take a cup of white vinegar and mix a cup of water. This solution is great for wooden cabinets because it doesn’t warp wood or remove the finish. This solution is a sure bet. Mix a cup of white vinegar with a cup of water. This mild cleaning solution is perfect for everyday use on wooden cabinets.

  • If you simply can’t stand the pungent smell of vinegar, you can add a small amount of dish soap to a cup of water. This method also works well. It will clean and provide a shine to your cabinets.

  • Harsh all-purpose cleaners are not recommended. They can warp the wood and dull the paint.

2. Wipe your cabinets after cleaning to preserve their beauty

  • Let’s face it. When you’re cooking, grease and food particles may pile on cabinet services. You’ll want to avoid this by dipping a clean rag into your vinegar solution. Then, wipe down the doors and beneath the cabinets.

3. Regularly clean out the inside of the cabinets

  • It is recommended that you clean the inside of your cabinets on a regular basis. You never know when the foods you store there can spill sometimes. Therefore, wipe the cabinets with a simple vinegar or soap solution every couple of weeks.

4. Dust the cabinets regularly

  • Use a dry, soft rag to clean the inside and outside of your kitchen cabinets if the dust isn’t too bad. Grease can cake onto your cabinets’ surface. If the dust accumulation in your kitchen is low, use a dry, soft rag to clean the exterior and interior of your cabinets. It is best to do this regularly, because the grease produced in cooking can cake onto the surfaces of your cabinets. If you don’t clean often, this can be a real battle to clean.

5. Purchase oil soap wood cleaner

  • Oil soap is a great product to use because it doesn’t damage wooden surface, but it packs a powerful punch. It removes grease and other substances that make your cabinets look unkempt. Oil soap is best used for heavy duty cleaning because it removes caked up substances and grease from your cabinets better than vinegar or a dish soap solution.

  • You should use a soft cloth, scrub in a circular motion to remove dirt and grime.

  • After you scrub, use a clean cloth to wipe down your kitchen cabinets. This helps remove all the grease and oil soap so your cabinets look shiny and clean.

6. Use baking soda helps removed caked on spills

  • Many food spills that aren’t cleaned up immediately harden and it becomes extremely hard to remove the caked on substances. A great solution for this problem is as simple as using baking soda. Since it is a light abrasive, it can remove spills on your wood without damaging the surface. It’s best make a thick paste with water before applying it to the surface you’d like to clean. Baking soda acts as a mild abrasive so it doesn’t damage your wood cabinet’s finish. Use a damp rag to wipe the surface clean.

7. Use a wood polisher

  • Having a wood polisher on hand will certainly help to keep your kitchen cabinets brand new. This will bring out the natural look of the wood. You can either choose a high shine or low lustre wood polisher, depending on the look you envision.

  • To apply, just rub the polish over a small area of your kitchen cabinents exterior. Simply work in four or five inch increments and rub in a circular motion.

Perhaps your cabinets are a bit too old or outdated for a good cleaning. It could be time to paint your cabinets by hiring a professional refinisher to do the job for you. Greenville Refinishing in Greenville is here to serve you if you are in Upstate South Carolina. Call today for a free estimate, and see how great your kitchen can look with kitchen cabinet refinishing!


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