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Kitchen Cabinet Painting-The Hottest Trend in Kitchen Design

If you’re looking to enhance your kitchen area by adding a splash of color, look no further than one of today’s hottest home improvement trends-painting your kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet painters saw this trend in the mid 90’s, and today it is making a comeback. Many of today’s top designers consider the COVID crisis to be the catalyst for the hot trend. People spent most of their time at home and families began to gather more in what is the central meeting place of the home-the kitchen.

Because COVID forced people to huddle in their homes for protection, people wanted their kitchens to foster good vibes and began considering painting their cabinets to add charm to the place where everyone in the home gathers to enjoy meals, conversations, cups of coffee, games and more “together time” than any other room in the house.

Within the last couple of years, homeowners have been trading their old cabinet styles for painted cabinets because they simply want to change the feeling of the room. Maybe they want a relaxed area offering softer hues. Perhaps they’re looking for a bold statement with a dramatic color choice. So, look around your kitchen. What statement would you like to make when people step into your home’s central room?

According to cabinet painter Doug Griner of Greenville Refinishing in upstate South Carolina, “Most homeowners today want to replace their existing dark wood cabinets that were in style years ago to bring their kitchens up to date with a modern painted look.”

In today’s economy, people are searching for ways to save money. If you’re like many people, you want to update your kitchen without the hefty price tag of a complete kitchen overhaul. Buying brand new cabinetry and paying for labor associated with the job isn’t necessary if your existing cabinets are in good shape.

What are Some Trendy Color Choices For Kitchen Cabinet Painting?

Deciding on hues for your cabinetry’s new look is a lot of fun. Do you want a contemporary look that pairs well with colorful cookery and stone? Try alabaster. It’s a warm, white hue. If you’re looking for really trendy colors that pop, check out citrus colors like yellow and lime green. Maybe you want a clean, airy look for your room. In this case, turn to cool shades of blue. Any of the shades of ocean or sky will make your kitchen appear bigger and it helps brighten the space if it doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Gray is also a very popular color these days.

Design Tips

If you want to add color to your cabinets, don’t reach too far off your existing kitchen design. Choose a color that complements the current design of your space. This means accenting your backsplash, counter tops, flooring and fixtures. If you can’t decide on what hues you want on your cabinetry, it’s a good idea to check out two-toned choices. The two-toned look is becoming increasing popular, and visitors will take notice of this stunning choice.

If you’re looking for a more traditional and subtle approach, choose the color of your walls for your cabinetry. This provides a nice balance in your kitchen. Additionally, experts suggest taking a good look at your kitchen’s color choices before hiring a kitchen cabinet painter to help you achieve the look you want. Set up swatches and color samples in your kitchen and see how the light affects the hue before deciding.

Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to start the process of choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets. Have fun and check out popular design sites like Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens for ideas. You can also look at the archives of the Greenville Refinishing blog posts. There are many great suggestions concerning trendy colors and current design posts.


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