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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas-Blue Cabinets

Craig Byrne January 20, 2022

If you’re looking to be a bit unique, without losing the classic look of your kitchen, blue can be a fantastic alternative to traditional color cabinetry. In fact, kitchen cabinet painters are getting requests for blue cabinets more and more these days. “Even though we haven’t seen it much over the years, recently blue is becoming a more popular color for homeowners,” says Doug Griner of Greenville Refinishing in South Carolina.

Using blue for your space will help your kitchen standout, for sure. Whether you desire the look of a modern home, have marble countertops, or have a farmhouse design, blue can be the perfect color to accent the rest of your kitchen.

Blue cabinets also accent stainless steel appliances, rustic décor, or brass hardware. It can be used as a color that works well with barstools for and a blue island, if you have space for one. Also, you can use a tile backsplash or subway tile to accent the new look of your cabinets. Needless to say, it’s a very versatile color for design trends. Additionally, you can consider pendant lights or the proper butcher block to provide a splash of creativity to a contemporary kitchen cabinet painting design.

Although blue certainly isn’t a neutral color, it complements many other hues. If you want a lone color palette for your kitchen, you can start with one of the many shades of blue and try one of the following blue cabinet ideas.

Pastel Yellow with French Blue Cabinets

In general, blue can be a surprising choice for kitchen cabinets. However, French blue has been a popular design choice for French country kitchen for many years. At the center of this design choice is a pastel blue-gray hue.

For a French country kitchen that remains true to the style, use warm pastels to accent your blue kitchen cabinets. You can splash a pastel yellow color on the walls and ceiling to accent the upper cabinets. This warm pastel will brighten your kitchen without being the opposite of the blue you have chosen. You can also add a dark glaze to display the rich details of the trim in this kitchen design.

Black with Yale Blue Cabinets

Yale blue is similar to Prussian light blue and has a sophisticated vibe that complements contemporary design. This is an unusual shade, but it works as a mid-tone.

Because Yale blue is so sophisticated, it pairs well with black. Its gray undertones make it feel like a deep blue in your kitchen. Therefore, it’s best to use a careful hand. Professional kitchen cabinet painters know how to apply it, so be sure to use one instead of attempting this yourself. You can use black for a chic styled backsplash or use white countertops, white ceilings, marble countertops and a white backsplash.

Wood with Azure Blue Cabinets

Lately, Interior designers have been suggesting Azure blue to promote a feeling of true blue, but a shade or two lighter. Azure blue cabinets work very well with a contemporary kitchen, but it can certainly be used with any eclectic kitchen style. It’s a cool tone that blends well with warm tones and shaker style cabinets.

With this being said, you can consider using azure blue kitchen cabinets with warmer wood tones for the perfect look. Because orange is opposite to blue on the color wheel, it complements azure blue very well. Additionally, you can consider naturally stained hardwood. This features slight orange undertones for a good match. Use this naturally stained hardwood for your chairs, countertops, floor or shelves. You can complement this with light blue walls. However, you will want to keep the ceiling white or the room may become too dark.

White with Cobalt Blue Cabinets

So, you like the blue ideas so far, but you aren’t fully sold on a completely blue kitchen. That’s ok. You can always use cobalt blue for your kitchen’s island cabinetry, or the as an accent color in a two-toned cabinet look. Cobalt is a dark, electric blue. It works well with plenty of décor styles and adds a formal ambience to your kitchen.

Rich wood finishes are suggested as a perfect complement to cobalt blue. Therefore, you’ll want to use it sparingly because it can be dark. A great look is a cobalt island topper or chairs pulled up to the island. For the rest of the kitchen, use a light palette. White is an eye-popping complement to cobalt blue. Light hardware is also a good choice. Kitchen cabinet painters and designers suggest using silver hardware.

Navy Blue Cabinets and Gray

Although navy blue is a dark color, it’s one to consider for your kitchen cabinets. In fact, it’s a great hue to use if you have an open -plan kitchen. Hague blue and its darker relative midnight blue are two to consider. If you don’t want your whole kitchen to be painted in this color, simply tell your kitchen cabinet painter to use it for a certain percentage of the kitchen. Once again, a white ceiling complements navy very well.

Because navy is so rich and sophisticated, gray can also be used to complement it. Consider using gray for open shelving. It’s also great to use for walls, a backsplash, countertops, and interesting fixtures.

When it comes down to it, blue is very versatile and rich. There are plenty of shades to choose from. Not only are these hues trending, but lighter shades and pastels are also becoming more popular. It all depends on your personal style. With these choices above, you are armed with classic pairings and color choices that will make your kitchen look fantastic!

If you need help with kitchen cabinet painting in Greenville, SC, call the pros at Greenville Refinishing.


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