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Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Exploring the Process and Ideas

Craig Byrne

November 23, 2021

It may come as a surprise to discover that your kitchen cabinetry consumes the most space in your kitchen. However, if you really think about it, it’s easy to see how impactful your kitchen cabinets are. They serve as both storage space and decor. If your cabinets are old or are in bad shape, you may want to think about refinishing them. This would be a good time to contact a reputable kitchen cabinet painter in your area.

Your kitchen cabinet painter will have the necessary supplies. He or she will start the project by prepping your kitchen. But what exactly is in the prepping to painting to finished cabinetry process? We’ve broken down this process as follows:

Initial Prep

In this stage, your cabinet painter will put paper, plastic and tape on ceilings, walls and floors. This step protects your existing furniture and appliances. This is the longest part of the painting process.


To make your kitchen cabinets have a professional look, your kitchen cabinet painter will first have to sand your existing cabinetry. Sanding is a crucial step to make sure your cabinets look professional at the end of the refinishing project.

A good kitchen cabinet painter will not skip this crucial sanding step. It allows paint and primer to set in the wood, and it removes the top glossy appearing layer of the wood.

Applying Primer

After the kitchen cabinet painter sands, he or she will not be able to simply splash a coat of paint on your cabinets. Before they paint, they will have to apply a coat of primer. This primer serves to help the paint stick to the wood.


When the primer dries, the painter will start painting the color you have chosen. He or she should spray the cabinets rather than using a brush or roller because the result is a smoother finish.

It is important to give the cabinets the right amount of time to dry between the coats of paint the painter applies. Good painters won’t rush the process if they are pros, because it could negatively affect the refinishing process.

Reassembling the Hardware

Once the paint dries, it’s time for the final step. Your kitchen cabinet painter will match the hardware to the cabinets and reassemble them one at a time. After this step, you will have newly repainted cabinets in your kitchen.

Expect this whole process to take anywhere between 3 to 7 days, depending on whether or not any plumbing or electrical work needs to be taken care of. Just think in about a week’s time your kitchen can go from dull to exciting.

Here are some ideas that will give your kitchen a timeless or trendy look, depending on what your goal is.


White is a good option for a classic look. It lends the illusion of space to any area, and because a lot of kitchens aren’t known for expansive rooms, this idea might perk your interest. Wood is also a timeless look for kitchen cabinets.


Warm colors are popular in today’s remodeling landscape. They invite people into a room, especially one that doesn’t get much light to begin with. Warm colors can turn a drab kitchen into an uplifting space. Most people today are choosing blues, greens or grays. Remember, colors don’t have to be loud to pack a punch in your kitchen’s look and feel.

This article originally appeared in a different form by Stephen Wakewicz

September, 2020 The Home Atlas.


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