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Kitchen Cabinet Painters Reveal Eye Catching Kitchen Trends for 2022

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Wow. What a difference a year makes. At this time in 2021 we were on the cusp of the covid pandemic, and there was a major shift in how people worked. Suddenly, the home office became the norm. Since about 80% of people now work from home, people are starting to view their homes differently. The kitchen is being utilized more than ever, serving not only as the main dining area, but also as a central gathering spot for families, and even as the occasional or full- time home office.

Because it is a multi-use space, the kitchen is a great place to remodel in the new year. The best place to start is where everyone’s eye tends to notice first-the kitchen cabinets. So what are the biggest trends in cabinetry for 2022? We thought it best to ask professional cabinet painters this question. Here is what we found out from these experts:

Eye Popping Trends Revealed by Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Of course, when you or anyone else walks into your kitchen, you’d like the space to feel comfortable, inviting and cheerful. No one likes a drab kitchen. Professional kitchen cabinet painters Josh Vondrasek and Doug Griner work in a lot of kitchens. They say the biggest trend they see for the upcoming year is people desiring more color.

But what about white? Is that still popular? While white cabinets are not what interior designers and many kitchen cabinet painters expect to be working with, they are still in style. If you want white cabinets, you are not alone. Many homeowners find it the crispest color to work around as they decorate for each season. All in all, white is still fashionable.

Just a few years ago, gray was the all the rage for just about anything that had color. Kitchen cabinets were no exception. Another big hit was black, but this color, too, is out. These traditional colors are nothing like what kitchen cabinet painters expect to be working with. Bold, light colors are in. In fact, some are even saying red is what’s going to be the hottest rage in cabinetry.

Other colors for Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Blue

  • Two Toned

  • Natural colors

So, if traditional white isn’t what you have in mind, and you want to run with the trendsetters pick one of the above bold colors and your home is in style.

Hot Design For 2022-Minimalist

Since the 1960’s minimalism has been a design movement, but it is only recently that it is gaining more mainstream attraction. Many people know minimalist design is trendy now, as it has been for a while, but you may be wondering what exactly minimalism means when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

This sleek, polished look has very little detailing. The idea of the movement is to give you an uncluttered, simple space. For multi-functional kitchens, this décor works well.

Mesh Fronted Cabinets

What looks great against solid fronted cabinets or glass cabinets? Kitchen Cabinet painters predict mesh fronted cabinets will be a look a lot of homeowners will want in 2022. They were popular last year and the demand for this type of cabinetry should only increase.

What creates a flat look that emphasizes minimalist design? No kitchen cabinet knobs. By not having knobs, the eye will look to the overall mood of the space

Wooden Cabinets

At the moment, there is a popular trend called Cottagecore.

This style refers to a design motif which makes your home look like a country cottage by incorporating lots of books, flowers and wood.

Lots of people who live in the city but want to create a comfortable, natural themed home utilize this design trend.

Two types of wood that look great in a cottagecore space are oak and wood. They are both warm and can provide personality and an inviting atmosphere in the room.

So if you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen for 2022, these suggestions should be a big help. Whatever design you choose, you will be current with the new year’s trends.

Craig Byrne, January 7, 2020


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