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Is Kitchen Cabinet Painting A DIY Project?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

You want a new look in your kitchen. You’ve watched all the shows on cable, and you have a knack for DIY projects around the house. Now, you want to attempt a big kitchen project next-painting your kitchen cabinets.

Lately, DIY projects are all the rage. But you may be surprised to learn that Better Homes and Gardens(BH&G) suggests kitchen cabinet painting should only be handled by a professional kitchen cabinet painter. This is because it is an intricate process that involves many steps.

Lyman Gilbert owns LG Building and Remodeling in Southbury, CT. He told BH&G that he doesn’t recommend DIYers try to tackle this time-consuming, detailed process.

Doug Griner of Greenville Refinishing, the leading cabinet painters in Greenville, SC agrees. “Many homeowners are watching DIY reality TV shows, reading DIY magazines and online blogs, and they’re finding ideas they’d like to incorporate into their home’s style. But sometimes fun ideas don’t turn out to be so fun when it comes down to the work involved,” Griner says. His company is one of the most experienced in upstate South Carolina, and he knows how frustrating it can be for DIYers who attempt kitchen cabinet painting without professional help. “The job is much more time-consuming and difficult than it looks,” Griner says.

Doug goes on to explain why it’s best to hire a pro wherever you’re located. He mentions benefits that come with hiring his company if someone needs to hire a cabinet refinisher in Greenville SC. “We’ve been in business for 7 years. Personally, I’ve been painting cabinets for over 50 years. Our experience shows in our work. We spray instead of brushing or rolling so there aren’t any marks. The paints we use are professional and more durable than what the homeowners might use themselves. We can do the project in a week or less, whereas it could take the homeowner a month or more.” Doug says.

This professionalism, which saves time and makes certain the work is done correctly, is something homeowners wished they had when attempting cabinet painting on their own.

One of the most detailed and time-consuming parts of the cabinet painting job is having to pull your kitchen prior to doing the work. All doors and hardware pieces must be removed to do a proper job.

It’s necessary to number the drawers and doors so you can be sure exactly where they must be placed. Each part must be installed back to its original location, because of the idiosyncrasies they have with fitting correctly, due to age.

If you try to install a cabinet yourself, you’re dealing with a jigsaw puzzle of lumber, panels, screws, and metal hinges for the duration of your project. This puzzle can be difficult to piece back together, which is why you need someone like Greenville Refinishing on your side to do the job correctly.

Professional contractors like Greenville Refinishing, the premier kitchen cabinet painters in Greenville SC, make sure your kitchen is beautiful in far less time than if you attempted this job as a DIY project.

Therefore, hire a pro if you decide to, give your kitchen a fresh look. You’ll be happy with the result.


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