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Is Cabinet Refinishing Right for You?

Renovating your kitchen can be a big project. Not only do you have to consider the sheer number of cabinets you have, but you also must take into account the wear and tear they have from daily use.


You may have an older kitchen with stained wood cabinets that are in good shape, but they may look outdated. As you start to make renovations, you may want to discard finishes like golden oak and opt for more contemporary cabinetry with darker, stained finishes that are opaque and hide the wood grain in the oak. If you’re a fan of HGTV or other home renovation shows, you will see a lot of painted cabinets. If you want to update your kitchen without replacing all your cabinets, you should call a cabinet refinisher to make sure the job is done professionally.


Of course, replacing your cabinetry can be expensive, and you won’t be able to use your kitchen for several weeks, perhaps months. Enlisting the help of a pro to paint or refinish your cabinets is a much quicker option, and the results will look great. Of course, this option is different than refacing your cabinets, which involves replacing or applying new laminates to door surfaces and drawer fronts. Refacing, therefore, is much more expensive than refinishing your cabinets. So, if you’re a candidate for refinishing, you will save money on the look you want.


A lot of people think refinishing(painting)is a DIY project. After all, the shows on HGTV make everything seem so simple. But this job is much more complicated than just rolling some paint on a wall. Most people don’t realize how difficult the process can be. But to achieve the smooth, durable finish you’re looking for, your cabinets have to be prepped correctly, then primed, then spray painted with a professional sprayer. By calling in a pro, you can be sure the process goes smoothly without flaws and without turning your kitchen upside down for months.  If you try to paint yourself with rollers or brushes, you will leave marks on your cabinets that will reveal you did the job yourself. Additionally, the paint may start to chip and peel in no time. And who wants guests to see an amateur job in the center piece of your home, your kitchen?


You can’t just use big box store paint. A pro uses the right products, which are higher end, cabinet grade finishes that have high washability. These products will be applied by your pro correctly with professional spray equipment. This way, you can be sure your guests and family see a look that resembles one that came out of the factory.


If you’re in Upstate South Carolina and would like to receive a quote for cabinet refinishing, call the pros at Greenville Refinishing. When we paint your cabinets, we won’t need to turn your kitchen upside down for months. We have the experience to finish the job in a couple of weeks, in most cases. We’ll remove the doors and drawer fronts so we can refinish them in our shop. Afterward, we will deliver them to your home, ready to install. The only work we do onsite are cabinet frames. When the job is complete, we will clean up so your kitchen looks brand new, and you will love the results. You can see examples of our work here.


Unlike our competitors, we’ll come to your home and offer you a direct quote for refinishing, not just an estimate. So, if you’re ready to transform your kitchen from dull to dynamic, give us a call!





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