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How To Organize Hard To Reach Kitchen Cabinets

Do you find it difficult to reach some of your kitchen cabinets? If so, you aren’t alone. A lot of homeowners struggle with the same issue. Most people agree that the reason for this constant struggle is that it’s hard to see inside the high reaching cabinets. If you’d like to grab something out of the cabinet, it’s a real challenge to find it. Additionally, it might mean dropping something fragile and breaking it.

The good news is that there are solutions to this problem. One way is to redesign the cabinets with pull down shelves to make it simple to find each item you’d like to locate. Of course, you will want to get quotes from a contractor to customize your kitchen cabinets. Another good way is to use lazy susans for rotating cabinets that help you find each item you’re looking for without having any problem. For more tips on how to organize hard to reach kitchen cabinets, read on.

Bad Visibility:

The challenge with bad visibility is that messy, dark cornered cabinets make it hard to see any of your stored items without spending too much time searching. A great idea for this problem can be to install LED lights for improved visibility inside the cabinets. These lights will brighten up your space to help you find items with ease. They are also inexpensive and don’t require professional installation.

Awkward Design and Deep Cabinets

Maybe you have an awkwardly designed cabinet that seems to become a black hole where things get lost because you can’t see them or reach them.  In this case, place items you don’t use often such as oversized electric appliances, plastic containers such as Jello molds, and oversized plastic containers only used during holidays into this cabinet. Picnic items such as paper plates, cups, and tablecloths can be stored in a basket for easy removal when needed. This frees up the available space you can see for more frequently used items. Then place a list of items that are stored in this cabinet on the inside of the door with adhesive, so you know what’s in it.

Plastic Containers Without Lids

How often do you come across a plastic container in one of your cabinets that doesn’t have a lid? Do you throw it away? The answer is no. Repurpose that container and remove it from the cabinet. Then, give it a new home somewhere else in your house, such as the garage. You can use it as a planter, or for storing loose items such as screws, batteries, etc. Not only has your container been repurposed, but it is also now removed to promote efficiency.

Overcrowded Spaces:

Overcrowded spaces cause disorganization. The best way to solve this issue is to take your goods out of the cabinet and separate them. Everyday items should be placed in a low hanging cabinet you can reach easily and those goods you use less frequently can be placed in an upper cabinet. Now, you’re organized.

Neglecting Routine Maintenance:

If you don’t maintain your cabinets, they often break down over time. It’s a great idea to declutter and organize your space frequently to prevent mess and avoid wear and tear. Check online for cabinet organizers. They’re designed to help you find items in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, they can help you organize your cabinets for an open feel where all your goods are stored neatly.


Although organizing hard to reach cabinets is a challenge, there are solutions available that can make your life easier and more orderly. Whatever you choose to do, find a solution that works for you. When you see how easy it makes your life in the kitchen, you will enjoy cooking and entertaining a lot more. Of course, before you reorganize you may want to update your cabinets by having them refinished.

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