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How To Match Wall Paint with Your Kitchen Cabinets

It’s important for you to first consider the material and look of your kitchen cabinets when you choose the right wall color to match. If you have metal cabinets, you’ll want to choose cool colors like shades of blue, but if you have wood kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to go with neutral, earth tones-like green. If you have painted kitchen cabinets, you have a much greater choice of colors to pair with them. Bottom line-when you choose your wall color, you’ll want to consider what looks the best with your type of kitchen cabinets, and we’re here to help break down what looks best with what.

Pairings For Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Since metal cabinets have a sleek, reflective appearance, you’ll want to find a wall color that will compliment these traits. Typical wall colors might not work with metal. Therefore, a dark gray, white or red will look great with metallic gray. If your metal cabinets are white, cool colors like shades of blue or different hues of white work very well. Because metal cabinets attract a lot of attention in your kitchen, accent their color with tones that downplay their metallic, reflective look.

Wall Colors For Wood Kitchen Cabinets

If you have wood cabinets, your kitchen probably feels warm and inviting, and you don’t want to lose that look. Oak, maple, and walnut look great when you pair them with earth tones. Painting your walls a bold color with wood cabinets isn’t going to keep that cozy feel in your kitchen. For example, if you have cherry cabinets, a bold color like pink would be a bad look. You can certainly use accent pieces in pink, if you love the color so much, but for the walls, stick to neutral colors. Different white hues work well with wood, so stick to something in this family if you don’t want your room to feel too shocking.

Wall Colors for Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you have painted cabinets, try to match a color that works well with the specific color you’ve chosen. Sometimes this means enhancing the color of the cabinets or simply blending it with the look of your cabinetry.

If you love your kitchen cabinet paint color so much you want it to be the focal point of your kitchen, choose a color that emphasizes them. For instance, pick a paint with the same undertones as your cabinetry, but make sure it’s a little darker. The room, in return, will feel bigger, and the cabinets will be the center of attention.

However, if you want your kitchen cabinets to blend into the background, pick a color that grabs your attention. A bold, brighter hue will make your kitchen cabinetry less noticeable.

Choosing Complementary or Harmonizing Colors

Would you like your kitchen to be beautiful and inviting? Combine texture and color into your interior design. Consider all of your options when you look at your color wheel. You can choose colors with contrast or different hues to give your kitchen the feel and look you’re after.

1. Complementary Colors

Take a look at your color wheel. Complementary colors appear opposite on another on the wheel. For the neutral color scheme, these opposites will appear brighter in your kitchen. They will also feel and look cleaner.

If you have wood and brown cabinets, choose wall paint colors opposite the color. You’ll see that included are tones and shades of green and blue. Some beautiful colors to complement brown are teal, turquoise, aqua, light to medium blue, soft gray and greenish gray.

Green shades work well with dark wood cabinets, such as cherry. The reddish hues in the cherry cabinets go great with green shades. If you have dark cabinets, like ebony or mahogany, you’ll want to go with a light color for your walls. This will open- up the kitchen and make it appear brighter. Good choices are aqua, beige, ice blue, pale yellow, seafoam green and ivory.

2 Harmonizing Wall Colors With Kitchen Cabinets

You may, instead of contrasting colors, choose more harmonizing shades for your kitchen walls. Look at your whole kitchen, and choose a color that brings the room together and breathes new life into your kitchen. You may want to select muted colors that will draw attention to the beauty of your cabinets, or maybe you want to select a color that emphasizes the wood grain of your cabinetry. The key is to avoid dark paint colors. They will make your kitchen appear much smaller.

Call A Pro

If you want your kitchen to come to life, and you are wondering what you can do to give it a little pizazz, be sure to call a pro if you feel stuck navigating the color wheel. Many interior designers have trained eyes to be able to see what may work and what won’t. If you’re thinking about a complete make-over, with walls and cabinets painted, you will want to seek a professional cabinet refinisher. If you are in the Greenville, SC area, call Greenville Refinishing. Their years of expertise will certainly put your mind at ease while your kitchen is being upgraded.

Craig Byrne, March 11, 2022


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