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How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Larger

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Craig Byrne

The kitchen is the central hub of the home. After all, a lot happens in this room, from family dinner to conversations over coffee with friends. However, even though it’s a busy room, the kitchen is often the smallest room in the house.

If you feel like the walls in your kitchen are closing in on you, read on. Kitchen cabinet refinishers offer their advice on how to make a small kitchen appear larger in this article.

The trick, according to kitchen cabinet refinishers, is to play with color. This begs the question, what colors make tiny kitchens appear larger? We asked the pros at Greenville Refinishing in upstate South Carolina, and they told us that while some colors help make a small kitchen appear bigger, there are other common colors that can make the room feel even smaller.

How Do Kitchen Cabinet Refinishers Make Your Tiny Room Appear Larger?

If you’d like the illusion of more space, kitchen cabinet refinishers suggest using light, cool colors to achieve your desired result. The easiest way to make the entire room feel larger is to paint the kitchen cabinets one of these colors. Light colors are known to recede, which makes them perfect for cabinets in a small kitchen. Warm, dark colors achieve the opposite effect. In fact, they feel as if the cabinets are moving in on you, which makes the kitchen appear very small. Your best bet is to choose light, cool colors so the room appears to expand.

Another great idea is to paint all your walls one color. This makes the edges seem to disappear, which is helpful because edges have an enclosing effect, due to your eye moving directly toward them when you walk into a room. Also, if you have a short ceiling, it’s best to complement your light-colored kitchen cabinets by painting vertical stripes on your ceiling. This trick will give you an effect of more height in the room.

White and Gray

White or off-white will create the illusion of more space in your kitchen best. However, this choice does come with its own set of problems, namely stains all over your cabinets. These stains are also more vivid because the cabinets are white. If you cook with oil a lot, be prepared to clean them often.

Another option for more space is light shades of gray. They can also open up a kitchen quite a bit. No doubt you’ve noticed gray has become a popular choice for consumers for the past few years, and the demand doesn’t seem to be slowing. This is due to the fact that gray is so versatile, and it hides dirt a bit more than white. If you want to avoid messy stains from cooking on white or off-white cabinets, consider light gray to open up your kitchen.

Bold Color Choices

If you feel a bit bolder in your design, you can explore some of the lighter shades of blue, green and yellow. This choices are popular for cabinetry these days. They, too, give the illusion of more space, so feel free to splash on some color.

We hope this post was helpful. By following this simple guide, your newly “expanded” kitchen will look great no matter what colors you ask your kitchen cabinet refinisher to use. Happy renovating!


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