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How Kitchen Cabinet Painting Is Influencing Appliances

For a long time, homebuyers have listed stainless steel appliances as one of the main features they want in their new kitchens. After all, they’ve been popular for their sleek appearance. However, most recently, a design trend leading buyers toward colored cabinets has influenced people to also want color appliances rather than stainless steel.

Right now, kitchen cabinet painters are in high demand all over the country. The most popular color for kitchen cabinets is sage green. Because of this trend, appliance brand Big Chill has seen a trend toward sage colored appliances rather than silver. Much of this demand has been influenced by popular renovation channels like HGTV. Green shades have been popping up in vent hoods, ranges and refrigerators.

According to Big Chill’s vice president of marketing, Susan Emrick, “nature has been a major influence in this year’s trending shades as homeowners are looking for new ways to bring the outside in with green accents.” Perhaps this trend has a good deal to with the pandemic recently. It could be that people were so tired of being stuck inside they wanted to bring a bit of the great outdoors into their homes as they remained stuck inside.

Big Chill isn’t the only company that’s seeing a rise in colored appliance requests. True Residential has also created a 36-inch refrigerator freezer in soft sage. Smeg is another appliances company that’s popular. They’ve always offered colored appliances, and their business is booming today. And then, there’s Samsung, one of the biggest appliance companies in the world. Recently, they announced their Bespoke range lets you pick fridge fronts with metallic finishes, different colors, and even family photos.

The trend may have started with kitchen cabinets, but now there are options galore when it comes to colored appliances. Choose a blue faucet, or a beige range. Why not go pink for your oven door? The options are endless and it’s all up to your imagination. In today’s kitchen, color is making a big splash.


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