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Hot New Kitchen Trend You Don't Want to Miss

Although the all-white kitchen has been the mainstay for homeowners for a long time, a new trend has hit the scene. According to designers, dark, moody kitchens are the next big thing. In fact, they’re already here, and people are loving the ambiance of their new rooms.

According to a report by the National Bath and Kitchen Association (NBKA), dark and moody is sure to be one of the top three most popular trends for kitchen design this year and into the immediate future.

The big cause of the shift from bright to dark is very simple. People are wanting something different than they’ve been accustomed to for years. Ellen Lopez, creative director at EL Design Studio, “The white kitchen has dominated the market, at all price points, beyond its prime.”

This moody trend will soon spread to other rooms of the house, according to experts. Speaking to the new trend for kitchens, Nureed Saeed, owner of Nu Interiors says, “It’s not surprising that people want to feel warmth in the place they spend the most time.”

The Moody Kitchen Basics

Quiet comfort and luxury are the mainstay of the dark, moody kitchen. Rich, painted cabinets are in, as are natural stone countertops, gold tones, and clean lines. “A great idea is to mix in warm woods and lots of texture. This will have you pulling off the look that makes your kitchen feel inviting, rather than off- putting.

Dark Cabinets/Dark Foundation

Dark cabinets need to begin with a dark foundation. The best idea, according to Lauren Schulte of Monarch Kitchen Design Studio, is to “choose a deep color, whether it is a heavy forest green, dark navy, charcoal, or black.”

These colors create a rich, earthy design. It’s best to use a strong color on used base cabinets. To make a huge splash, apply dark shades to the base and upper cabinets. For depth and drama, walls should use a similar tone.

Include Natural Elements

The musts for the dark, moody design include natural elements such as wood, stone and earthy colors. By using colors and textures used in nature, your kitchen will feel intimate and welcoming, not to mention stunning.

Designers agree that identifying wood and stone as key natural elements complementing the warm colors you choose will make your space feel dramatic.

Try to look for ways to add warm woods to your look, like oak and walnut. You can use floating shelves, tables, barstools, ceilings or other accents.

Stone countertops, flooring and backsplashes also look great. These elements not only create the drama in your room but also offer movement.

Use Light Elements

“The key to pulling off a dark kitchen is layering and balancing dark tones with lighter elements,” says Hackl. The number of light surfaces used in the kitchen depends on the other elements in your room. The darker the surface, the moodier the kitchen.

If you’re using dark walls and cabinetry, it’s best to lighten another surface of the space. “In most traditional dark, moody kitchens, countertops are light and airy,” according to Lopez. The light countertops reflect light, and this is what causes the moody, dramatic look.

Metallic Accents Offer Relief

Using metallic accents adds glamour to your kitchen. They offer relief from the dark colors of the room. It’s a rich look; therefore, your eye needs a resting place. This is especially the case if you have the same color walls, cabinets, counters, and ceilings.

Varied Tones and Textures Create Depth

When designing a dark, moody kitchen, it’s best to use varied textures and tones to create depth in the room. Although dark kitchens aren’t known for being colorful, they shouldn’t be dull.

Saeed says, “Choosing shades or tones and texture within a color range is key to making the look work while not looking one-note.” With that being said, Saeed suggests tile with 3D reliefs to help the space look more interesting and create dimension.

Call A Pro!

If you’re in Greenville, SC be sure to give Greenville Refinishing a call for all your cabinet, backsplash, and countertop needs. Pulling off the moody kitchen is a whole lot easier with a professional doing the job.

This article has been edited and re-written. It can be found in its original, unedited form here.


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