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Hot New Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen backsplash is one of the most exciting features to choose for your kitchen remodel. It holds a prominent place within you and your guests’ focal point. When designing your new kitchen, it’s important not to overlook the impact of this all important feature. If you choose the correct combination of patterns and colors, not only will it be beautiful, but it will reflect your overall design style. Therefore, if you want to find a way to refresh your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg, a new backsplash may be the way to go. Interior design trends are always changing. For a long time, no one cared much about the backsplash in their kitchen, but today it has emerged to hold a prominent place in the hearts of homeowners all over the world. You can choose timeless subway tiles or modern marble mosaics. There are even more choices to consider which are very popular today. Let’s take a look at hot backsplash ideas for today’s homeowner. Wood Organic materials like wood have been trending upwards over the past few years, and this trend doesn’t seem to be tiring any time soon. Perhaps you’ve thought wood was relegated to the floors or cabinets, but let’s not forget how beautiful and practical wood can be as a backsplash. You can create a beautiful backdrop to your kitchen’s overall design with wood, and it’s very easy to clean, which makes it extremely popular. Right now, hemingbone wood tiles have been the most popular choice for contemporary kitchen backsplashes. By using hemingbone wood tiles, you can create a chevron effect. It also serves a perfect pairing for metallic elements such as copper water taps or cabinet handles to create a warmth you and your guests can enjoy for years. Marble Marble backsplashes have been in style for a while now, and they show no indication of being ousted by consumers any time soon. There are a couple of reasons people love marble backsplashes. The number one reason is that it’s practical. Marble is really easy to maintain because it is non-porous, which means spills stay on the surface and don’t absorb into the material. You can clean anything that spills with a damp rag. Additionally, it’s heat resistant, which prevents damage and burn. Another reason people like marble is that it has a rich appearance, undoubtedly elevating your kitchen’s overall feel to make it seem more luxurious. If you want to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank, installing a marble backsplash could be the transformation you’re searching for. If you are interested in hiring a kitchen cabinet painter, you can paint your cabinets dark green and pair them with a white marble backsplash to create a look that really looks fantastic. Metro Tiles and the New Look Metro tiles became popular a while back, and their simplicity is still appreciated. However, there are new variations that grant a fresh perspective for contemporary kitchens. For example, you can use elongated hexagon tiles. This displays a stretched shape that can be used in your kitchen. You can use the same color for your walls, using hexagonal tiles on one and elongated hexagonal tiles on the other. Rustic Copper Copper is known to provide depth. Its warm tone has been used for appliances and accents, but you can create an exciting statement by using a copper backsplash. It has a reflective tone that creates a unique vitality to your cooking area. Plus it ages remarkably well and displays a gorgeous focal point in your kitchen. Blue Blue is a beautiful color that invokes images of coastal living. You can use a blue backsplash to make a bold or understated theme in your kitchen. A kitchen backsplash that resembles ocean blue and cream can be used to create the coastal look. This color also promotes calm feelings and brightens up your kitchen. You can also use darker blue hues to provide a dramatic look to your kitchen. We hope this helps you as you search for unique ways to renovate your kitchen. If you’re in Upstate South Carolina, and you’d like a direct quote for a backsplash installation or cabinet refinishing, call us at Greenville Refinishing. We will be happy to come to your home and provide one for you at no cost. Check out our photo gallery here. Call Greenville Refinishing at 864 252 5106 Happy renovating!

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