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Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors: A Bright Idea

If you’re looking for a modern way to update your kitchen, try using glass front cabinet doors. They can really make a huge impact on your room’s overall design. They ease the monotony of solid cabinet doors and add more functionality. Of course, you will want to incorporate your new look in a manner that reflects your style, so we will break down some glass front door uses.

Apart from being a trend in contemporary styling, glass front doors have become a standard in kitchen cabinetry recently. Some benefits of this design choice are as follows: • Glass doors help a small kitchen look bigger • You can add splashes of color to your kitchen that can be seen through the glass • Glass doors reflect light to brighten up your room All of your collectible items will stay safe behind glass kitchen cabinet doors. This is why it is a better option than open shelving for most people.

Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Textures

Glass cabinet door fronts come in a myriad of textures, but three separate trends seem to be developing in the design world.

Reeded Glass:

One problem with plain glass doors is that you can see through them. If you have decorative dishes or collectibles you want on display, this is a welcome feature. However, for many people this poses a problem. Some folks simply want to use their cabinet space to store their household items out of sight. It may not look as neat behind the glass as they would like. Therefore, for self-conscious homeowners, designers recommend reeded glass panels. These paneled doors hide what you put away, so no one sees the hodgepodge of items you might be storing. The reeded panels run in vertical lines, and the lines repeat their pattern. It’s best to reflect on how this design will work together with any other textures you want to incorporate in your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Water Glass

Another popular glass front cabinet door choice for homeowners is water glass. Water glass cabinet door panels do not have a linear pattern, such as reeded panels. For this reason, they are welcome in traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. One problem is that they are much more transparent than reeded panels, which means you’ll want to choose this option if you don’t mind guests noticing what’s inside the cabinets.

Water glass is a simple texture. Therefore, if your floors, countertop, or backsplash have an intricate pattern, you may want to go with this design choice. Additionally, a sleek modern kitchen will appreciate the basic styling of water glass.

Go With Glass

Glass front cabinet doors are the choice for many homeowners looking to update a stale kitchen. You can use them with any design choice you have. The only drawback is the constant cleaning, but other than that they are crisp, beautiful and the clear choice for anyone wanting to bring a bright, open look into their kitchen.

If you plan to renovate your kitchen, cabinetry is of the utmost importance. Most guests will notice your cabinets the minute they walk into the room. Using glass cabinet door fronts are a great option, but there are many other options available to you. If you plan on refinishing your existing cabinets to liven up your kitchen without the huge price of new cabinetry, you will want to consult a kitchen cabinet refinisher. If you are in Upstate South Carolina, call the pros at Greenville Refinishing to discuss how we can help you achieve the look you’re craving.


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