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Fall and New YearKitchen Decor Ideas

Let’s face it, kitchen décor is a personal choice. However, you’re probably no different than most people-trends are important. They can have an impact on your decision process.

In this article, we’ll explore some kitchen trends that are in style for fall 2023, and which ones are on the way out for 2024. You may be surprised at what you find here, and you’ll want to incorporate some of the design ideas if you’d like to stay on trend.

Kitchen Trends

White Kitchens

You may think white cabinets are on the way out, considering they’ve been a mainstay for decades in American homes, but they are not. Designers are quick to point out that if you’re going all white this fall, be sure to bring in some personality to the space.

Greenville, South Carolina designer Taylor Hill says, “I think the white kitchen often gets a bad reputation, which is totally unfair. White kitchens can be awesome, especially when you focus on layering textures and interesting elements within the design.”

So, to be clear-white cabinets are still in, but personalize the surrounding space with your own design ideas. You can find plenty of ideas on our blog spot here

Mix and Match Anything

This fall, interior designers expect to see homeowners dicing things up a bit for the coming year. There will be different hardware and materials used. Most designers don’t want to see kitchens with all pulls or all knobs. They encourage people to mix it up.

A better idea would be to incorporate a mix of pulls, latches and knobs. This will make your kitchen unique and personal, and it won’t be boring. Another great idea for you is to embrace different metals for hardware and fixtures and use a blend of wood for the cabinets and floors. By doing this, you’ll create a warm atmosphere for guests and family alike.

Mosaic Tile Backsplashes

Taylor Hill suggests not using mosaics for your backsplash, because they’re too busy. She believes mosaics are best for a shower floor, not the kitchen.

Is A Lot of Light Too Much Light?

Another suggestion is not using too much light, such as numerous pendants over an island. This idea is too busy for the kitchen. A better lighting solution for this circumstance is no more than two pendants over an island. So, when it comes to lighting, you want your kitchen to invoke bright, happy emotions, but too much lighting is too much of a good thing.

Oversized Islands Aren’t Practical

Giant islands have been the mainstay in recent years, but that’s not what this fall and the upcoming year suggest. You must decide whether an island will work in your kitchen or not, and if so, how big should it be? Hill believes you should “study the scale closely to ensure the space will circulate well. Functionality is the key.”

With this in mind, make proper measurements if you want a kitchen island to make sure the room’s flow doesn’t get interrupted with the addition of the new piece. Designers agree they’d like to see giant islands in the kitchen fly by the wayside for fall and the upcoming year.

Color is Key If you have a white kitchen, think about adding splashes of color. If you have white walls, you may want to look at some color trends that are out there for your kitchen cabinets.

Raleigh, North Carolina designer Maggie Dillon says “While I don’t think you can necessarily go wrong if you go the all-white route, there are so many features you can add to warm up a kitchen and give it its own personality. Painted cabinets are an easy and impactful example.”

While Dillon hits the nail on the head, remember not to attempt cabinet refinishing on your own. Call a pro! It’s hard work and needs to be done with precision and care, without losing the knobs and pulls that go with individual cabinets, and without getting paint all over your kitchen. Not to mention, the process is more than the typical DIYer can handle. It’s meticulous and grueling.

For the fall and for the upcoming year, rich hues are making a comeback. For example, mushroom toned cabinets are on trend, as are colors like ruby red and fuchsia.

Natural Surfaces

You may have realized there’s some charm that comes with abusing your kitchen. If you use surface materials such as marble or soapstone, Dillon believes you can’t “be afraid of the scratches or dings that might accompany late nights with guests or prepping for a big family meal.”

Hill also has the same mind set: “Natural materials are on the rise, and people have finally learned that patina on countertop surfaces and metals add a depth that nothing else can.” These types of natural materials help your kitchen with having a simple livability. For instance, you can use brick, rattan, wood pendants and other types of natural elements to keep the kitchen warm and friendly. After all, your kitchen is a workspace that you probably want to make homey and uniquely yours.

Cabinet Refinishing In Greenville, SC

If you live in Upstate South Carolina, be sure to call the pros here at Greenville Refinishing if you’d like a cabinet makeover. We are fully licensed and insured and have been updating homes for over 40 years by providing professional, beautiful, finished cabinets for an option that can save you tons of money if you think you need to replace your cabinets. Greenville Refinishing will come to your home and provide you with a direct quote for the job. You can find our website here.

Happy renovating!

This article was rewritten from an original Southern Living article that can be found here

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