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Does Cabinet Refinishing Add Value To Your Home?

Cabinet refinishing is an easy, budget conscious way to transform what has become an outdated kitchen. It helps you stay current with trends, and it adds value to your home. Refinishing also helps you find options that better suit your design goals and room’s functionality. But gathering ideas and researching what you want can be a difficult pursuit.

Draw the Eye

Undoubtedly, cabinets are one of the main design features in your kitchen. They set the tone and mood for the room’s overall aesthetics. It’s no wonder that modernizing your cabinetry can have a dramatic impact on your kitchen. If you want a clean, crisp look or if you want to mix bold colors and patterns, there are many refinishing approaches and combinations that can create a major impact on your kitchen’s design. After all, they are the focal point of your space.

Trendy colors can help you update your kitchen’s look, so you aren’t stuck in an outdated home. You can gain a new appearance with custom painted cabinets. Remember, the cabinets most likely will set the mood for your kitchen, so be certain to make them stand out to draw the eye.

Make the Most of Your Kitchen’s Space

Undoubtedly, homeowners care about aesthetics, and they also know cabinetry can look pretty, but not serve its purpose. Functionality is also a huge factor when considering cabinets. They provide storage space for various dishes, appliances, tools, silverware, and more. Therefore, there’s a big chance you’d like your storage to stand the test of time and provide the space you need.

Wear and tear in paint or wood can be an eyesore and impact the functionality of your cabinets. By refinishing them, you can replace the damage. This allows an opportunity for an updated and pretty design as well as protection that will last a long time. Furthermore, caring for your cabinets is integral for your cabinets’ structure.  

Increased Value For Resale

Because design ideas can differ, an update to cabinetry to keep current with market trends can help improve your home’s overall value. Buyers will look to the kitchen as the main room of the house, where a lot of action occurs. Therefore, if you decide you want to sell your house, you should refinish your cabinetry if they are a style from years gone by.

When you update your kitchen to make it feel modern, you will draw buyers in, and this adds value to your home.

Consult a Professional Cabinet Refinisher

A professional cabinet refinisher is essential for this project if you want your update to be done correctly. Cabinet refinishing is a lot more difficult than it appears. It is a complicated process that takes time and care. Don’t trust your project to anyone that hasn’t been in business for a long time, has no references or insurance. You’ll be happy you called a pro who can help you decide what the best options are for you.

Call The Pros at Greenville Refinishing!

If you live in Upstate South Carolina, call the pros at Greenville Refinishing. With over 50 years of experience, we are the Upstate’s premier refinishing company. Unlike our competitors who merely give you an estimate of what your cost will be, we will provide you an exact quote for the job that never increases. Before you replace your cabinets, call or email us. We may be able to save you thousands with a professional look you will enjoy for years!

You can see photos of our work here.

Call or email us today!



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