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Check Out This New Kitchen Island Trend

If you thought the countertop couldn’t get any more creative,

check out the hottest look in kitchen design today-the waterfall


This countertop streams down on both sides, creating a lush look

that is sure to make heads turn when they walk into your kitchen.

With a waterfall countertop, you can use such materials as

marble, quartz or granite to create a dazzling island that extends

to the floor.

A standard countertop is a horizontal slab, but the waterfall

counter has edges that drop down. It’s a luxurious look, and it

costs a bit more to install for the obvious reason that you’re using

more stone, but isn’t your favorite room in the house worth it?

You’re sure to inspire others when you entertain in your kitchen,

and even more importantly, your sure to love the effect a waterfall

countertop has when you’re relaxing with your morning cup of

coffee or dining with family.

With the waterfall design, you can create a striking look. For

instance, a waterfall countertop with a minimal amount of veining

is sure to please the eye. Additionally, it doesn’t distract from the

rest of the kitchen. More so, it complements cabinets, walls and

floors when done right. The look is definitely elegant and definitely


If you’d like your countertops to stand out above your cabinets,

select stone with a bold swirling design. They pair well with other

modern, sleek details and are geared for contemporary and new

traditional style homes.

A great way to make a waterfall countertop pop is to play with

color and pattern. Deep reds or rich green hues are the trendy

colors right now, but you can make your own trend by

experiementing with different designs to make your kitchen really

bold and unique. One idea is to use patterned tiles.

Needless to say, the waterfall countertop is new and exciting. By

breaking the standard countertop mold, this new look has inspired

many homeowners to go modern. We hope this design trend

update has been helpful. You can check out waterfall countertops

on pinterest here. Happy renovating!

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