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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Cabinet refinishing is a simple, budget conscious way to update what has become an outdated kitchen. Not only does cabinet refinishing help you stay current with trends, but it can also add value to your home, and help you discover options that better fit your design goals and room’s functionality. Gaining ideas and researching what you want can be a daunting task.

If you’re in Upstate South Carolina, you can call the pros at Greenville Refinishing to help you achieve the look you want. If you live elsewhere, feel free to read on and gain advice from refinishing pros.

The Importance of Drawing the Eye

There’s no doubt cabinets are one of the central design features in any kitchen. They set the mood and tone for the room’s overall feel. Is it any wonder that making an update to your cabinetry will have a huge impact on the space? If you’d like a crisp, clean aesthetic or would like to mix patterns and bold colors, certain refinishing techniques and combinations can make a considerable impact on the kitchen’s overall feel. After all, they certainly are the focal point of your kitchen.

Trendy colors can help freshen up a stale look, so you aren’t stuck in an outdated home. You can achieve a personal feel with custom painted cabinets. Remember, the cabinets will most likely set the tone for your kitchen’s design, so be sure to make them stand out draw the eye.

Making The Most of Your Kitchen’s Space

Not only are homeowners concerned about aesthetics, but they also recognize cabinetry can look pretty, but not serve its purpose. Functionality is also a big factor when considering cabinets. They provide storage space for miscellaneous tools, gadgets, appliances, silverware, and dishes. Therefore, there’s a great chance you want your storage to hold up over time and provide the storage you need.

Chips, dents, cracks and wear and tear in paint or wood can be both an eyesore and hurt the functionality of your cabinets. By refinishing them, you can replace the damage. This provides a golden opportunity for a beautiful and updated design as well as protection that will last for years to come. Additionally, caring for your cabinets is important for the cabinets’ overall structural integrity.

Increased Value For Resale

Because design trends vary, an update to cabinetry to keep current with market trends can help boost your home’s value. Buyers often look to the kitchen as the main room of the home, where all the action takes place. Therefore, if you decide to sell, you should refinish your cabinets if they are a trend from years gone by.

When you update your kitchen to make it feel more contemporary, you will draw buyers in, and this can add value to your home.

Trendy Colors


White kitchen cabinets are timeless. Their crisp, sleek appearance hasn’t gone out of style for decades. They make your kitchen appear larger by offering an airy, light feel, which makes the space appear more open. White tones for cabinets are appealing because homeowners appreciate their enduring quality. They make any kitchen in need of an update a modern space.

You can also achieve the same type of result as white with light, neutral grays. They have a mellow characteristic that complement other design elements in a modern kitchen. If you’d like to mix white and gray up a bit when you decide to refinish your cabinets, try a lacquered white with metallic gray for a bright result.

Dark Colors

If you want to create a look that’s striking, try colors that are rich and bold, like black, forest green or navy. These colors appear high end, and they add a dramatic, luxurious look to your space. Consider using black paint for your cabinetry with light finishes.

You might also consider using black paint for your cabinets with light finishes to increase the contrasts you have in your kitchen. You may even like to try emerald green, red or indigo to see if they work well with the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Combining Colors

Playing with trendy colors and combining pairings such as white and gray or blue and white is very popular for 2022. You can also combine shades of yellow and gray for a trendy look. These two- toned cabinets provide another timeless design, but they’re not as ssimple as white and gray. Therefore, they make a bold statement.

Other trendy ideas are using navy, black and white with a bit of gray and purple to add a complimentary but complex design. These combos have the lifespan of traditional colors. A good idea is to balance cool and warm undertones to your style. This is also a trendy look.

Blue and Green

Today, many homeowners are choosing different shades of blue and green for their cabinets quite often. This combination provides a custom look. If you are considering this style, use rich tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue to create an air of sophistication. Green choices are sage, olive, blue-green and forest green. These greens also compliment the kitchen that desires sophistication.

Warm tones

Warmer tones in wood stain and paint colors help the homeowner who wants a gentle mood in their kitchen. Coffee tones or bronze stain help bring out the beauty and texture of your cabinetry’s wood grain. Yellows and Creams also have become quite the rage for people who want welcoming colors in their kitchen.

Where to Begin

Because kitchen cabinet refinishing can feel overwhelming to any homeowner at first, the following steps may help ease your anxiety when it comes to this all-important project:

Be Aware of Your Design Goals

A great idea when considering refinishing your cabinets is to pick a few of your favorite design ideas. How will these colors work with the floors, appliances, and other wood elements in your kitchen? You might also want your paint choices and style to compliment the rest of your home. But don’t stress too badly! Call a pro like the experts at Greenville Refinishing.

Establish Your Budget

Plan your budget once you’ve decided what design style you’re going to go with for your refinished cabinets. Compared to the cost of DIY materials, a pro will cost a bit more.

Consult a Professional Cabinet Refinisher

A professional cabinet refinisher is essential for this large-scale project if you want your update to be done right. Cabinet refinishing is a lot more difficult than many DIY videos suggest. It is a complex process that takes time and care. Don’t trust your project to anyone that hasn’t been in business for long, has no insurance or no good references. You’ll be glad you called a pro who can suggest the best options for you and help you reach a high return on investment and a higher resale value.


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