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Are Green Kitchen Cabinets For You?

Although green kitchen cabinets have become all the rage lately, they actually are a timeless look. In fact, as early as the 1800’s forest green was a popular color cabinet in European estates. The color also has a lot of history here in the United States. Historic homes in St. Louis are decorated with emerald green bricks.

For the past two decades, wood and white have been the mainstay in modern kitchens. However, recently color cabinets have made a comeback and this trend is keeping kitchen cabinet painters very busy. A lot of consumers are looking to green as a favorite color because it evokes energy, renewal, and rejuvenation. Still, it is a soothing organic color found all throughout nature. Since covid has kept us all indoors a lot more than in the past, homeowners will welcome the coziness of green kitchen cabinets. This is a trend designers see moving well into the next decade.

All trends go out of style eventually, though. So, experts agree that instead of trying to create a look that can be preserved through time, choose instead to pick a look you love that will never go out of style for your taste. There certainly are a lot of influencers and designers out there, but who says they have to be the end all be all when it comes to your personal style?

The best way to love what you do and make it last is to honor tradition and make a statement at the same time. The look, after all, has to say “you.” This type of strategy will help your kitchen cabinets to stay in style as a modern look for a lot longer than simply listening to outsiders tell you what the new look is. Looks always change, so the influencers and designers will have something to talk about.

When you choose something you love, you’ll be more satisfied with the finished project. And be sure to hire a pro to do the work for you. Kitchen cabinet painting is no DIY project. It takes and enormous amount of skill.

Remember, choosing a bold color like green in your kitchen’s design is more than a trend. It can affect the entire feel of your kitchen, and in that case, your entire home. Because bold colors on cabinets draw the eye inward, they are the first thing people will see, and they will set the tone for the feel of the time spent in the space. Green’s soothing energy will be sure to please.


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