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Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to make a statement in your kitchen without spending the big bucks? Tired of the same old colors, appliances and décor? If you’re looking to make an update without breaking the bank, consider refinishing your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Cabinets, if they are in the right condition, can always be stained or painted. One of the easiest ways to attract attention to your new kitchen space is to have a professional cabinet refinisher antique your cabinets for you. This transformation will have people really taking notice of your kitchen.

To obtain the vintage look you’re after, a professional cabinet refinisher can give your cabinets a rustic, weathered look. He or she will go through the painting process with you before they start the project. It is important not to hire a general contractor for this type of work, as they may not be experienced enough to keep the underlying board of your cabinets unharmed. A professional cabinet painter has the experience to know how to transform your cabinetry without damaging anything.

Decide On Your Base Color

The first thing you need to consider when giving your cabinets a vintage look is what the base color should be. You’ll want to decide on how antiqued you want your cabinets to look. They may be slightly to largely distressed and everything in between. Once you decide how vintage you want your cabinets to look, choose your base color. The larger the contrast between the stain color and the base color, the more distressed the job will appear.

As an example, choose honey brown for the base shade. This color will give your space a warm, cozy look, and choose a stained oak if you’d like to design a cottage style kitchen.

Your professional cabinet refinisher will be able to help you understand this concept further when it comes time to call for an estimate.

Choose your antique stain color

Remember: the base color will be the foundation for the antique stain. For instance, if there is a dark base, locate the darkest stain you can. For a white or cream color base, choose a stain color with mid-tones. A medium stain works best with a caramel or honey colored base. If you want something to look older, opt for a bigger contrast between the base and antique color. It’s important to consider that an overabundance of contrast will result in the stain or base not showing through well enough.

Call A Refinisher

Once you decide on your color, you can clean out your cabinets and prepare for your refinisher to give you the look you’re after.

There are two ways to antique kitchen cabinets. The first way is to apply a bit of stain to a rag and spread it in small circular motions on your cabinets. After the stain is applied, your kitchen cabinet refinisher will wipe up and down and side to side to smooth out any marks left from the circular motion of his or her rag.

The second approach requires a paint brush. Your refinisher will apply a small amount of stain to the paintbrush and apply it in the same direction as the wood grain. Once the stain is applied, he or she will use a rag and wipe down the area that’s been stained. By doing this, the weathered look will be more noticeable. After that, your kitchen cabinet refinisher will let the stain dry for 24 hours before brushing on a wood sealant. Once this is complete, your updated kitchen will feel complete as well, with a brand-new timeless look.


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