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8 Questions To Ask Kitchen Cabinet Painters When Hiring The Right Pro

Craig Byrne December 7, 2021

Ok, you’re done thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets. You’ve done your research when it comes to the right color and hardware and the time for action is now. But there’s one piece of critical information when it comes to the job. Who should you hire? You know you aren’t about to tackle a painful DIY project. Everything you’ve read online tells you it’s not a good idea. Armed with this knowledge, it’s best to start getting estimates from local kitchen cabinet painters.

To help you narrow down who the right person or company you’re going to hire for the job, we’ve laid out 8 questions you should ask the pros before you make your final decision. The questions are below:

1. Do You Have Insurance?

Before you hire anyone to work on your home, they should have insurance. Any good contractor will have liability coverage just in case something goes wrong or gets damaged in your kitchen. If the pro doesn’t have insurance, your homeowners policy will have to cover the costs.

But liability coverage isn’t the only type of insurance your contractor should have. Any employees who work under them should have workers compensation. This way, if anyone gets hurt on the job, the contractor’s insurance will cover the medical costs for the injury. If the contractor doesn’t have workers compensation, look for a different contractor because you would have to cover any medical costs yourself.

2. How Long Have You Been in the Kitchen Cabinet Painting Business?

You should find a company that’s been in business for years. If so, you know they must be producing great results and making their customers happy. Companies don’t last too long if they aren’t doing good work.

Because different finishes call for different types of prep and some paints work best on different types of wood, hiring someone who has experience will make the process ideal for your particular cabinets.

3. Do You Have a Portfolio of Your Work?

The ideal way to find whether or not a pro is the right candidate for your kitchen cabinet painting job is to ask to see examples of their work. Reputable companies have websites that display pictures of their work. Take a look at the photos. If you like what you see, the pro should be able to bring samples to your house should you request it. If you like the textures, finishes and colors they provide, they could be right for the job. Just make sure they can provide adequate responses to the rest of the questions on our list.

4. What Kinds of Paint Do You Use?

Remember, paints come in a variety of options. A good contractor with the right amount of experience will be able to decide what paints work best for your cabinets’ material.

The right paint for your kitchen will hold up during cleanings, cooking and regular wear and tear. Ask about the brand of paint. If you can get the brand at your local Home Depot, the contractor probably isn’t the right fit for the job.

5. How Do I Prepare?

The better you prep your kitchen before the cabinet painters come, the quicker your contractor will finish. The most important thing to do is clear off your counters. Different pros ask for different preparations from their customers. They should make what needs to be done very clear to assist them in getting the job done faster. Make sure you follow your contractor’s instructions so the process goes faster.

Your contractor will then be able to prep your kitchen for painting.

6. How Will You Take Care of My Kitchen?

A good painting company will lay down drop cloths in your kitchen to protect your floors. Additionally, they should be aware of how to protect any appliances and walls. Keep searching if your candidate doesn’t have experienced workers who can promise to keep your home free from spills and accidental drips of paint.

7. Do You Have References?

An experienced cabinet painter who has been in business for long enough to be considered will always be glad to give you references of people who know his or her company’s work.

Anyone who is still happy with the work provided after a year or more can provide a good example of the how the painter/painters took care of the kitchen during the process and how the work holds up over time.

8. How Do You Apply the Paint?

Knowledgeable contractors understand that you can’t just roll and brush kitchen cabinets to get a quality finish.

Because paint brushes leave streaks, consider another candidate for the job if they say they use brushes on doors. It ruins the sleek finish and makes the appearance of the work look unprofessional.

A good painter uses a finish paint sprayer. This technique provides a smooth finish on the doors. Even the trim and framing should be sprayed to provide the clean, streak free finish you want.

Hire the Right Pro

Hiring the right kitchen cabinet painter to give you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of can be overwhelming. We hope these questions help you as you decide which contractor you are going to hire to paint your kitchen cabinets. Remember, professionals don’t mind their customers asking questions. After all, painting your kitchen cabinets is an important job. Now that you know what questions to ask, you’re ready to start calling kitchen cabinet painters to provide you an estimate. Good pros never charge for an estimate. Good luck, and we hope your kitchen cabinets get the finish you deserve!

This article originally appeared in a different form in a blog by Premier Cabinet Painting and Refinishing.


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