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7 Kitchen Color Schemes For A Dramatic New Look-Number 5 May Suprise You

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? Do you want to stay current with trends while choosing a scheme that will last into the coming years? We’ve laid out some pairings below that will do just that. They grab your attention, don’t seem to be going out of style, and they make your kitchen look sleek and modern.


Yellow and gray are a great pairing if you’re up for a little charm in your kitchen. While yellow adds a pop of sunshine, gray provides a subtle elegance that will really mesh well in this scheme. Combining these two colors sets the stage for something bold and unassuming. If you want a popular look that serves as a great example of how this pairing can work in your kitchen, try a gray backsplash, appliances, and countertops with yellow kitchen cabinets.


Brown and blue is a classic pairing that combines the rich tones of earth and sky. This combination is very versatile, and can make your space calm or bright, depending on how you use this scheme. If you have exposed wood, concrete or metal, this pairing is a great choice. A kitchen cabinet painter can paint your cabinets blue and you can paint your walls brown for a rich look.


If you’re looking for something timeless, look no further than black and white. You’ll never have to worry about this pairing going out of style. Sophisticated black along with open, optimistic white is a color scheme that can be used to really make a statement in your new, updated kitchen. Try white kitchen cabinets with black countertops and appliances, or pair black and white cabinets with white countertops. How about some black and white subway tile for the backsplash? You can play with this pairing and find something that really defines your personal taste.


If you love black and white but are looking to add a bolder color to the mix, red is a great option. This color is somewhere in the middle of the color wheel, while black and white are polar opposites. This provides a nice balance for your palette. Try white kitchen cabinets with red walls and black appliances for an attractive look.


Purple is an elegant, peaceful color, while beige is neutral and soothing. If you combine these two colors in your kitchen, such as beige walls with purple cabinets, you can achieve a refined space that gets a lot of attention when people walk in. Purple may not seem like a color you would think of right away for your scheme, but there are varying shades that combine well with beige to provide the aesthetic you want.


Looking for a color scheme that is eye catching and classic? Look to blue and orange. This pairing can be seen all over the place-it is like the combination of the sun in the sky, a beautiful pairing that makes people really take notice. This aesthetic is full of energy and vibrancy.


If your desire is to add depth to your kitchen’s space, this pairing works well. It’s a great look with natural stonework or exposed wood because the colors blend into the scheme. They provide beautiful accent colors that provide a contemporary and neutral space. If you have other colors in your kitchen, such as flower arrangements, artwork, or collectibles, you won’t have to worry about this pairing clashing with any of it. When you have black appliances, try gray walls with white cabinets for a brand-new look.

If you really want to make an impact in your design, you can look to these colors to help make a strong impact in the overall design of your kitchen. If you need cabinet painting and live in upstate South Carolina, call the pros at Greenville Refinishing. They can help you with all your kitchen cabinet painting needs.


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