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5 Things To Consider if You Want To Refinish Your Cabinets

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen? Has it become boring and unwelcoming and now you’re ready for a change? If true, then now is the time to start thinking of calling a professional kitchen cabinet refinisher to transform your room from dull to dynamic.

Many people call the refinishing process kitchen cabinet painting, but there’s a lot more to the job than simply slapping a coat of paint onto your cabinetry. It’s tedious work, and if done as a DIY project, it can be an impossible task. So, if you want the job done right, it’s best to call a pro. If you’re new to the process, read on to discover some things to consider when thinking about kitchen cabinet refinishing.

1. The Best Surface for Cabinet Refinishing is Wood

The best kind of surface for kitchen cabinet refinishers to work with is wood. MDF and compressed wood also works well.


Before you can apply a coat of paint to glossy surfaces, however, you must first de-gloss them, which is a difficult process. Rest assured, if you hire a pro the job will be done correctly. Many kitchen cabinet refinishers use a liquid sander applied to a rag to de-gloss the surface.


Even though it is possible to paint laminates, the finish won’t last long. For this reason, laminates are not a good candidate for kitchen cabinet refinishing.


But if your existing cabinetry is wood MDF or compressed wood, your pro can turn your cabinets into centerpieces of your kitchen that really pop with color..


2. Dark Doesn’t Have to be Permanent

As with any surface, it’s always easier to paint a lighter shade darker, but don’t be afraid if your cabinets are dark and you want them painted a lighter color. Again, your pro has experience with this situation. They will know what kind of primer to use so the transition will be smooth and unnoticeable. If it’s a very big transition, an underbody coat can be added. This will be less transparent and thicker so the tint will fall more in line with your lighter color. Therefore, if you have dark and want one of the more trendy, zesty colors, go for it!

3. Pros Use Durable Finishes

Matte and eggshell finishes will not be used by a pro with experience in the industry. Most often, they will choose semi gloss, satin, or gloss. These are all durable finishes that are simple to clean. Therefore, you don’t have to re-finish the cabinets after only a couple of years. Proper cleaning will make your cabinets last.

4. White is Always In Style

If you want a clean, bright look in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with white cabinets. It’s definitely a timeless staple in homes. White blends with any other color you may have in the kitchen, and many people simply love the peace and serenity they feel in white rooms. And it can be a very cheerful color for a backdrop to the day’s activities in the gathering place of the home. If you have wood-stained cabinets and are afraid you can’t go with white, don’t worry! Your pro will be able to make this transition seamless.


5. Give Marsala a Try

If you have had enough of the same old color in your kitchen, try marsala. It’s the hot new color for kitchens this year. Marsala is a brownish red color inspired by the Italian wine of the same name. It is a rich, elegant color that has a lot of the characteristics of red with a much warmer feel.


Before you replace your kitchen cabinetry, give us a call at Greenville Refinishing. We may be able to save you thousands by refinishing your existing cabinets.

Unlike our competitors who give estimates of the cost for the job, we will come to your home and give you an exact quote. Call us today!

864 252 5106 

You can see photos of our work here.



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